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Seminar 2

Work, Employment, Leisure and Wellbeing


18th December 2001

Room 6, Geoffrey Manton Building, Manchester Metropolitan University, All Saints, Manchester MI5 GLL

Co-ordinator: Dr John Haworth
Seminar presentations: Speaker's notes

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9.30 - 10.50 Arrival. Exhibitions. Bookstand. Coffee will be available.
10.50 - 11.00 Welcome, and introduction to the seminar series.
11.00 - 1.00 'Employment, work, leisure, and wellbeing'
Chair. Helen Wilkinson. Director, Genderquake. Demos Advisory Council.
11.00 - 11.30 Michael White. Principal Research Fellow. Policy Studies Institute, London. 'Conditions for wellbeing in working life: evidence from the Working in Britain 2000 Survey'.
11.30 - 12.00 Professor Peter Warr. Institute of Work Psychology, University of Sheffield. 'Employment, work and wellbeing'
12.00 - 12.30 Dr John Haworth. Department of Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University. 'Work, leisure and wellbeing'
12.30 - 1.00 Discussion.
1.00 - 2.00 LUNCH
2.00 - 3.30 'Pillars of Wellbeing'
Chair. Professor Chris Gratton. Director, Sport Industry Research Centre, and Leisure Industries Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University.
2.00 - 2.45 Professor Antonella Delle Fave. Faculty of Medicine, University of Milan. 'Optimal experience at work and bio-cultural selection' Paper and discussion.
2.45 - 3.30 'Professor Ray Pahl. Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex. 'Social support and wellbeing' Paper and discussion.
3.30 - 4.00 Coffee
4.00-5.30 'Work-life integration, and gender.'
Chair. Professor Eileen Green. Director, Centre for Social and Policy Research, University of Teesside.
4.00 - 4.30 Professor Sue Lewis. Psychology Department, Manchester Metropolitan University. 'Work- life integration'
4.30 - 5.00 Dr Tess Kay. Institute of Sport and Leisure Policy. Loughborough University. 'Leisure , gender and family: challenges for work- life integration'
5.00 - 5.30 Discussion
5.30 - 6.00 Concluding Comments and discussion.
Professor Ken Roberts. Department of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Liverpool.
6.00 - 6. 45 Refreshments




Sarah Curtis is Professor of Geography at Queen Mary, University of London. She has extensive research experience in the geography of health and healthcare, with particular focus on inequalities in health and quality of life and how these relate to socio-economic conditions in deprived urban areas and health and healthcare needs. She is co-applicant of the ESRC seminars on well-being and coordinated the first meeting in September 2001 in London.

Antonella Delle Fave, M.D., specialized in Psychology, is professor of Psychology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Milano. She conducted cross-cultural studies on psychological selection and the quality of experience in daily life. At present her research focus is the daily experience of disabled persons in Europe and Asia. She collaborates in international cooperation projects.

Chris Gratton is Professor of Sport Economics and Director of the Sport Industry Research Centre (SIRC) and the Leisure Industries Research Centre (LIRC) at Sheffield Hallam University. He is a specialist in the economic analysis of sport and leisure markets. He has just completed his term as Chair of UoA 69 Sport-related Subjects in RAE 2001.

Eileen Green is Professor of Sociology and Director of the centre for Social and Policy Research at the University of Teesside. She was Chair of the Leisure Studies Association from 1998-2001 and is currently a managing editor of the Journal Leisure Studies. She has carried out extensive research in the area of leisure and gender and is currently grant holder of an ESRC project on women's health and well-being and health technologies and a related DETR funded project on Asian women's health and well-being.

Professor Graham Hart is Associate Director of the MRC Social and Public Health Sciences Unit at the University of Glasgow, and is head of the Unit’s programme of research on Sexual and Reproductive Health. He has been working in this field for 15 years, primarily in research on sexual and injecting risk behaviours for HIV infection, and evaluations of interventions to prevent HIV transmission and promote sexual health. He is co-applicant of the ESRC seminars on well-being and is coordinating the meeting in Glasgow.

John Haworth is a Research Fellow (part-time), Department of Psychology, and Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Fine Arts, Manchester Metropolitan University. He was principal co-founder of the Leisure Studies Association in 1975, and co-founder of the journal ‘Leisure Studies’. He has published extensively on work, leisure and wellbeing. He is editing a book with Tony Veal on ‘The future of work and leisure’ to be published by Routledge. He is co-applicant of the ESRC seminars on well-being and coordinated the meeting in Manchester.

Tess Kay is a Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Sport and Leisure Policy, Loughborough University, with a background of research into work, leisure and family life. She has recently been a member of the European Thematic Network on Working and Mothering and is a co-ordinator of a current Framework Programme 5 project
on improving policy responses to changing family structures.

Sue Lewis is Professor of Organisational and Work-Life Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University and Visiting Professor at the School of Management, UMIST. She has directed national and international work-life research projects and is currently undertaking a study of flexible working in the accountancy profession. She is co-editor of the international journal Community, Work and Family.

Professor Ray Pahl is a sociologist at the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex and is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Kent. His interests range widely over the broad area of family, work and personal relationships. His most recent books are After Success and On Friendship, both published by Polity Press.

Ken Roberts is Professor of Sociology at the University of Liverpool. His main research areas are young people's transitions to adulthood, and the sociology of leisure. His books include Leisure (1970), Contemporary Society and the Growth of Leisure (1977), Inner-City Sport: Who Plays and What are the Benefits? (1992), and Leisure in Contemporary Society (1999), He is currently writing a book on the leisure industries.

Peter Warr is a Research Professor in the Institute of Work Psychology, University of Sheffield. He was previously Director of the MRC/ESRC Social and Applied Psychology Unit at that university, examining well-being and effectiveness in work situations.

Michael White is a Principal Research Fellow at the Policy Studies Institute. His research interests concern individuals in the labour market, the employment relationship, and employment policies. He currently co-directs, with Stephen Hill of LSE, two linked projects under the ESRC's Future of Work research programme.

Helen Wilkinson is founding director of www.Genderquake.com, a strategic consultancy committed to feminising the new economy; member of Demos Advisory Council; founder and Chief Evangeliser of www.elancentric.com and a trustee of the Kids Clubs Network.

ESRC Manchester Seminar

Work, Employment, Leisure and Well-Being


Title Name Short address i.e. Dept., University E-mail address
Julia Anderson PhD Student, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge amazing.julia@tesco.net
Illona Boniwell Experiential Research Group, Open University. ilonasmg@cwcom.net
Peter Brennan Psychology & Speech Pathology, MMU peter@brennan48.freeserve.co.uk
Jo Bryce Dept. of Psychology, University of Central Lancashire jbryce@uclan.ac.uk
Dr & Mrs Brendon Burchell Faculty of Social & Political Sciences, University of Cambridge bb101@cam.ac.uk
Dr Vicky Cattell Queen Mary, University of London v.cattell@qmul.ac.uk
Professor Chas. Critcher Communication Studies, Sheffield Hallam University C.R.Critcher@shu.ac.uk
Sharon Clarke Manchester School of Management, UMIST Sharon.Clarke@umist.ac.uk
Professor Sarah Curtis Queen Mary, University of London S.E.Curtis@qmul.ac.uk
Antonella Delle Fave, M.D. Faculty of Medicine, University of Milan Antonella.dellefave@unimi.it
John Fielding Training & Development, Hull & East Riding Community Health NHS Trust John.fielding@herch-tr.nhs.uk
Professor Chris Gratton SIRC/LIRC Sheffield Hallam University c.gratton@shu.ac.uk
Professor Eileen Green Centre for Social & Policy Research, Univ. of Teesside e.e.Green@tees.ac.uk
John Haworth Psychology & Speech Pathology, MMU haworthjt@yahoo.com
Dr Jane Henry Experiential Research, Open University j.a.henry@open.ac.uk
Professor Graham J. Hart MRC Social & Public Health Sciences Unit University of Glasgow graham@msoc.mrc.gla.ac.uk
Dr Jonathan Hill Gallup UK busy.psychie@virgin.net
Dr Fiona Jones Psychology Dept., University of Hertfordshire f.jones@psy.herts.ac.uk
Professor Carolyn Kagan Psychology & Speech Pathology, MMU c.kagan@mmu.ac.uk
Dr Tess Kay Institute of Sport & Leisure Policy, Loughborough University t.a.kay@lboro.ac.uk
Steven Lee Psychology Dept., University of Manchester lee@fs4psy.man.ac.uk
Professor Sue Lewis Psychology & Speech Pathology, MMU s.lewis@mmu.ac.uk
Dr Jonathon A Long LSA Newcastle j.a.long@lmu.ac.uk
Dr Natasha Mauthner Arkleton Centre for Rural Developmental Research, University of Aberdeen n.mauthner@abdn.ac.uk
Max Nathan Futures, The Industrial Society mnathan@indsoc.co.uk
Professor Ray Pahl Institute for Social & Economic Research, University of Essex raypahl@compuserve.com
Professor Andrew Pendleton Management & Business, MMU a.d.Pendleton@mmu.ac.uk
Catherine Pratt Psychology & Speech Pathology, MMU c.pratt@mmu.ac.uk
Dr Rhona Rapoport rhonarapoport@btinternet.com
Professor Ken Roberts Sociology Department, University of Liverpool d.m.oconnor@liverpool.ac.uk
Professor Ivan Robertson UMIST Ivan.Robertson@umist.ac.uk
Judith Sixsmith Psychology & Speech Pathology, MMU j.sixsmith@mmu.ac.uk
Janet Smithson Psychology & Speech Pathology, MMU j.smithson@mmu.ac.uk
Cath Sullivan Dept. of Psychology, University of Central Lancashire csullivan@uclan.ac.uk
Professor Peter Taylor Leisure Management Unit. Sheffield University P.Taylor@sheffield.ac.uk
Professor Peter Warr Institute of Work Psychology, University of Sheffield p.warr@sheffield.ac.uk
Michael White Policies Studies Institute. London m.white@psi.org.uk
Helen Wilkinson Genderquake.com Helen@genderquake.com


ESRC Manchester Seminar

Work, Employment, Leisure and Well-being

Publications of the Participants

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